Aokang advocates vigorous and joyful attitude to life, which praised by most urban business group.
On their way to dream and fashion, Aokang brings more comfortable and delight experience.
Shoemakers since 1988
Established in 1988, Aokang has continuously explored the road under the foot and found his remarkable courage and strength in splendid creation. The effort of every craftsman and the focus of ingenuity raise the dream of Aokang, making it a shinning name stands out in the industry once again and taking another solid step toward the goal of world’s shoes king.
he sincerity and persistence of Aokang toward faith and belief make the faith and belief become the perpetual life pursuit.
In the implementation of new strategy, Aokang people can withstand the temptation and loneliness and shoulder responsibilities. With the upholding of ability, motivation and concentration, we can stand still, work well and walk far. Everything starts from the heart, we should remember our initial dream and strive for utmost goodness. Whether for the ideal or for the dream, Aokang people have always insisted on the idea of utmost goodness and made our career more noble and our life more valuable with the strength of utmost goodness.
The dream road of Aokang has been confirmed by time and crowned by glory. With the spirit of “never stop dreaming and never stop pioneering”, Aokang has been breaking new fields in the footwear industry by establishing the kingdom of internet, building a sound footwear ecosystem and forging a footwear brand operator of internet thinking which have created a new glory and a new future.
Aokang shoulders the mission of “Serve for the Footsteps Forward” so as to go from strength to strength.
It is determined to contribute more to the social economic development and prosperity.
Aokang upholds the vision of “Century Aokang, Global Brand”.
It aims to be the leading shoes brands operator and retailer and poses the global presence.